Connie Watts Chaney



This is the most beautiful place and it is full of love everywhere . Brian and Mary are the greatest two people you woul...d ever want to meet . My daughter was married there and it was a fairy tale wedding because of this place and the Hammonds . We loved everything about it

What Some Are Saying...


Tabitha Tant Birchfield



This is the most beautiful place I've EVER seen!
Crossing over the one lane bridge is like crossing into a country paradise!
I love just driving through when I'm feeling down, it always lifts my spirits.
I pray someday I'll own something just as beautiful....and I'll never leave (:


Deborah Kyle



This farm alongside a large creek is absolutely beautiful! Weddings, Baptisms, Events of any kind. There is no stopping in ideas. The Hammonds are the best and will help you all they can.